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Join Maison Vie at Pride Acadiana in Lafayette

Every year June is recognized as Pride month to honor the contributions to society made by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and other people of diverse sexualities and genders (LGBTQIA+).

In celebration of Acadiana’s LGBTQIA+ population of all ages, Acadiana Queer Collective is organizing the FREE Pride Acadiana event on Saturday, June 11, 2022.

Discover effective communication skills for LGBTQIA partners

Join family/marriage therapist and Maison Vie founder Susan Harrington at Pride Acadiana for a brief overview (15 minutes) of the upcoming LGBTQ+ Relationships Masters Class specifically designed with a focus on communication skills as identified in the Gottman Love Lab.

The actual class will be on July 30th, which you can register for here.

Taking place in Downtown Lafayette, Pride Acadiana is a day of community, inclusion, and acceptance. Acadiana Queer Collective says “We are grateful for the support, and enthusiastic participation of local business as we create a safe and welcoming space downtown for the LGBTQIA+ community here in Acadiana. It will be a day full of love, acceptance, and visibility.”

This free event will be on the 200-300 block of Jefferson St, Saturday starting at 10 am.

Information about the event, as well as fundraising and sponsorship information, can be found at acadianaqueercollective.org. Volunteers will be needed to help run the event; those interested can complete a google form at acadianaqueercollective.org. If unable to volunteer time, please consider a monetary contribution to help the day.

About Acadiana Queer Collective

Acadiana Queer Collective was founded in 2022 and is driven by a single goal: to do their part in making a safe and inclusive community for Acadiana’s LGBTQIA+ of all ages. They strive to build collaborative relationships and make a positive impact with all of their pursuits.