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Turning Around The “Worst Day of The Year” for Mental Health

The “worst day of the year” is the third Monday in January, known as “Blue Monday.” And whether you believe the myth around the day, Louisiana typically feels the drag of the season as it lands squarely between New Year’s Day and Mardi Gras. The New Year’s resolutions and hopefulness give way to colder weather and credit card bills from the Christmas season.

British psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall is credited with establishing the observance thanks to his research with a complex equation that factored weather, debt, time since Christmas, time since New Year’s resolutions dissolution, and low motivation levels. It should be noted, this day is also the antithesis of July 14th which is considered the “happiest day of the year.”

The staff of Maison Vie is encouraging open communication this year and plans to change the day into a positive experience with some local flare for good measure. This year the third Monday in January shall be known as “Krewe Monday” and will be an opportunity to get together with friends to plan out your Mardi Gras celebrations and parade schedules as well as game day fun.

“Whether you believe ‘Blue Monday’ is a specific day or not, the phenomena of the January blues exists,” said Susan Harrington, a licensed professional counselor, marriage and family therapist, and founder of Maison Vie.

“We want people to reframe it and find positivity in communication with their friends and family. Of course, if they do need someone to talk with confidentially, we want to let them know there are resources available for everyone no matter who you are.”

Maison Vie offers a Multi-Care Program that ensures affordable, quality family therapy is accessible to everyone. The program allows families to choose the help that best fits their needs and connect with specialized therapists through different tiers of service.

The people of New Orleans have seen so much since Hurricane Katrina. The mental health crisis the city experienced is just now calming and some people may be affected by Season Affective Disorder. Even if you don’t make Mardi Gras plans with your “krewe,” take the time to enjoy their company and do something fun.

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