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The Family Exchange: Create a renewed family in 2020

The Family Exchange - Maison Vie New Orleans Therapy and Counseling

New year. New decade. Renewed family.

Maison Vie New Orleans presents The Family Exchange of 2020, guided counseling sessions where families discover greater understanding and connection with each other.

Led by marriage and family therapists, family members exchange their innermost thoughts, feelings, and ideas to create a renewed family unit that works, lives, and plays better together.

Many new year’s resolutions fail within weeks — losing weight, eating better, exercising — and hope begins to fade, pushing the “same old” cycles to start up again. Through the Family Exchange, families have the opportunity to build a strong foundation of mental fitness, accountability, and support through sincere conversation that provides the motivation to go the distance this year and beyond.

The year is now 2020, a number that often represents “perfect” vision. It’s time to focus on your family and living your best life. It’s time for the family exchange.

Are you ready to make an exchange?

Schedule one family counseling session for only $20 anytime through the month of January. It begins simply with a phone call or email:

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