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Tips to Strengthen Your Family During Tough Times

The world can be a stressful enough place when trying to strengthen your family on an ordinary day. What about during challenging times like the ones we currently find ourselves in?

Businesses, schools, and venues are shut down. Jobs have been lost; lives put on pause — all for an indefinite amount of time — while everyone tries to figure out ways to cope with the anxiety and stress brought on by the spreading of coronavirus.

Living with the unknown can be significantly more stressful than what a family is typically used to facing.

With coronavirus dominating the world’s attention and time, just about everyone is facing incredible challenges these days. Times of distress is a normal life event. It happens — it will happen again in the future — and we often can’t control it. Fear can take an emotional toll, especially if you’re already living with an anxiety disorder. But you’re not powerless. There are ways you can strengthen your family.

Everyone experiences distress at different levels at different times. It is a time when we have more tension and intense emotions and can test your will power. However, it is also when families have the opportunity to grow into a stronger team by facing distress together.

These activities can help you strengthen your family bond while living through these tough, stressful times:

    • Develop morning and evening routines to provide consistency and comfort that everyone looks forward to
    • Start each morning off with hugs for a great greeting to begin the day
    • Use Google, Alexa, or whatever is available to play instrumental music in your home’s background to promote a calm environment
    • Have “morning recess time” where you can be carefree. Play Statues, plan a scavenger hunt or find a virtual tour to watch together
    • Create a “Gratitude List” and add at least one item each day of something you are grateful for (there’s always something!)
    • Breathe and stretch for at least 10 minutes before returning to any responsibilities
    • Check out an online video to learn something new or watch puppy and kitty videos to lower tension
    • Share encouraging emoji messages with one another
    • Plant a herb/vegetable garden where each member of the family is responsible for as specific herb/vegetable
    • Use video chat apps to turn social distancing into distant socializing to take a tele-snack break in the afternoon with a friend or relative
    • After all the day’s responsibilities have been checked off, play an outside game to move out energy. Playing “Tag! You’re It” or “Hide-and-Seek” are great de-stress games that will improve sleep
    • Still have some energy? Take out a board game or a deck of cards
    • “Play” with your food and have fun with mealtime maybe even let the kids cook dinner as you guide them
    • Buy a canvas and some paints to make an artwork together or put your heads together to finish a large puzzle
    • Fire up the streaming services and watch a “B-cinema” movies together where everyone provides commentary throughout like these guys
    • At bedtime, share your “Thank you for” with one another

Try to implement at least one of these each day and see which works best to strengthen your family. No matter what you do, the most important thing is to remember to “play” each day to build a healthier, happier family and turn “distress” into “de-stress.”

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