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Manage The Mess: Changing How You Think About and Deal with Stress

Immediately following Tax Day every year is “National Stress Awareness Day,” a special day set aside for Americans to take notice of just how stressed they may have become and provide a starting point to deal with stress.

The aim of the day is to raise awareness, publicity, and profile of stress and its impact, and reduce stigma while promoting the importance of well-being and stress reduction for individuals and organizations.

While this day helps people take a measure of just how much stress they may have, it’s critical to not rely on just one time a year to do a review of your life both at home and work. It’s critical you take a few minutes every so often to think about what stresses you out the most, what the trigger points are, and how you can better manage it all.

What is stress and why is it important? Stress is a response to demands on the body and life, a response to crisis and fears. If stress gets overwhelming it can cause other mental health problems, emotional exhaustion and physical illness and can impact on work, relationships, families, and every aspect of life. When someone is suffering from negative or overwhelming stress, they may not act or react normally in some situations, for example, driving or in an argument, with disastrous consequences. – AwarenessDays.com

Ready to manage the mess? Maison Vie New Orleans founder and therapist Susan Harrington speaks with Fox 8 about how to change the way you perceive stress and different methods to deal with it.

Need some expert assistance to deal with stress? Click here to contact Susan or one of our other therapists to see how we can help.

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