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Mental Wellness: How to Find Your Path to Recovery, Healing, and Growth

“The Early Bird Catches The Worm”

When it comes to mental wellness and recovery, the path toward healing and growth is attainable when people seek and participate in solutions early in their challenges. Not all recoveries are the same. Fortunately, solutions can be found to fit your preference.

  • Spiritual experiences are great for those who recuperate in peaceful, introspective moments.
  • Community gatherings offer a human connection, which is a natural healing agent.
  • Mediation groups, like yoga and t’ai chi, reground us when we’re struggling with focus and concentration.

Different professional resources are available when we need objectivity and expertise in our lives. A massage therapist, for example, can assist with lowering physical tension as well as aggressive tendencies. Additionally, family therapy is designed to improve communication in those relationships we value most of all. Plus, recovery can be accomplished in less time when families participate in mental health therapy together.

The people in our lives have tremendous influence over our thoughts, attitudes, and overall wellbeing. Our interactions together often form the foundation for daily mental health. Whether you are happy, sad, or anywhere in between, life can be challenging with any emotion when you are seeking recovery.

Positively Charged

Despite the numerous resources available to assist in recovery, finding a way to let our emotions out can sometimes be difficult. Comfort in expressing our emotions is a natural part of our physiological and psychological makeup. Yet, today’s society tends to lean toward only affirming positive emotions, like happiness and joy.

For instance, it’s likely no one has ever said to you, “Jeez, you need some happy management classes.” On the flip side, when you show a bit of anger one time too many people tend to avoid interacting with you or change their behavior when you’re around so that you don’t “blow up.” Many of us have been told to “chill” when we are overwhelmed or nervous. We may have even been told to “take a chill pill” or even “you need a drink.”

Upping a Down

On the end end of the spectrum is the difficulty of dealing with being down. When we are sad because of a death, divorce, or other complicated loss, friends often create activities to distract us or “fix” us so that they are no longer uncomfortable with our tears and sadness. What do you say to someone who is grieving when your intent is for them to stop crying?

Emotions are not an easy topic to talk about even though this is a vital piece of our mental health.

Healin’ Good

The good news is healing is possible. Reviewing your situation and connecting with the “best fit” solution as early as possible is key to recovery. Ask yourself a few pertinent questions:

  1. Who do you interact with?
  2. What hope do they bring into your life?
  3. How do you feel when you are with them?

Other people play a significant role in your mental wellness. Wherever you are in life or whatever you are dealing with, pursuing recovery, healing, and growth for mental health with a professional is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about as it often provides great perspective by introducing objectivity and expertise.

It’s the small habits that build big parts of your life: How you spend your mornings; how you talk to yourself; what you read; what you watch; who you share your energy with; who has access to you. Take account of this and you’ll begin to see your next steps.

Here to Help

When life seems difficult and you need a safe, confidential place to go, we’re here to help. Contact Maison Vie for more information on how we can assist you in rebuilding your mental wellness.