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Do We Dare Talk About Anxiety, Depression, Suicide?

Anxiety. Depression. Suicide.

Hearing these words can make people uncomfortable. The words often have a stigma that wrongly signifies an individual is “defective,” “broken,” or “abnormal” when that couldn’t be further from the truth. It simply means we’re not perfect and need to examine ourselves with the help of others.

Despite effective treatments being available, people still avoid acknowledging these words by just about any means possible. No one is perfect. Everyone is fighting their own battles. You may see others living “flawless” lives on social media or when talking with others, but behind the facade is a person, just like you, and me, imperfections and all, wishing for someone to tell them they are not alone and they understand.

Being truthful with yourself and letting someone in to help you can begin building a road to overcoming anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

Where to Start

These are simple changes that typically are effective:

  • Meditation offers self-calming practices
  • Family therapy supports home changes
  • Massage can balance out body responses
  • Nutrition supports an overall change
  • Your Primary Care Physician is a great place to discuss how you can find what is best, including the possible addition of medication

The most important act we each can take is to talk about these “avoided” words. The link provided below is one way you can spread the word. Support those you love in finding the help they may need.

Here to Help

When life seems difficult and you need a safe, confidential place to go, we’re here to help. Contact Maison Vie for more information.

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