(504) 452-5937 1799 Stumpf Blvd. Building 3, Suite 2, Terrytown, LA 70056
(504) 452-5937 1799 Stumpf Blvd. Building 3, Suite 2, Terrytown, LA 70056

Summer “Tasting”

Experience family fun quality time at our free annual event.
4th Annual Summer "Tasting"

Our 4th Annual Summer “Tasting” was a great success! Families interacted with themselves and with other families as we learned about working well together to bring happiness into our homes. Families also made toys and treats for the pets in the Algiers SPCA. The children even wrote encouraging messages to the SPCA staff who care for the pets.

Holistic "Tasting" Experience

Our 3rd Annual Summer “Tasting” was filled with tasting, feeling, and smelling different herbs we can use in our home cooking. Ellenie Cruz is a local herbalist who shared her knowledge of herbs in such a fun way that the children were curious and excited to learn. Everyone was wonderfully engaged and was super excited when they each received seeds and potting equipment to grow their own herbs at home. We even received thank you cards from two of the children expressing how much fun they had learning about herbs.

Cooking and Kung-Fu Fun!

Our 2nd Annual Summer “Tasting” provided two different experiences. First, we cooked and ate a delicious one-pot lettuce wrap meal. Then, the children had a self-defense lesson that used a bit of Kung-Fu and Tai Chi. Finally, every family went home with a big free box of fresh vegetables and some school supplies for each child!

"Tasting" Memories

Our very first Summer “Tasting” was literally a series of opportunities to briefly experience 5 different wellness experiences. Every “taste” has the great potential to bring families healing and happiness in their everyday lives. We practiced scalp and shoulder massage, hypnotherapy/meditation, and Tai Chi. We also learned about how to be family teams as well as how vitamins and supplements could support our overall health.

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