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7 Types of Marriage: Which One are You In?

If you ask someone to define “love” you’d get a wide range of answers. Sure, you’d probably get a consensus or many answers that fall near each other, but everyone would have their own view of what makes love, love.

It’s not surprising then that there is no one answer as to what makes a marriage successful. But there are tried and true best practices. The secret to a great marriage is deciding what you want your marriage to be about and being on the same page as your potential partner.

Psychological research has identified seven types of marriage. Is your relationship working? Your answer probably depends on if you and your partner(s) agree on the type you are best suited to thrive in.

If you and your spouse get out of your marriage what you two decided together was what you actually wanted from your marriage, then guess what? Your marriage is a success! It doesn’t matter if other people turn up their noses at the kind of marriage you choose – it’s your marriage, not theirs.

According to Psychology Today, there are 7 types of marriage possibilities:

  1. Starter marriage
  2. Companionship marriage
  3. Parenting marriage
  4. Safety marriage
  5. Living alone together marriage
  6. Open marriage
  7. Covenant marriage

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If you’re not sure where your marriage stands, what types of marriage it is or maybe you just want a better understanding, Maison Vie can provide professional assistance with:

  1. An honest re-evaluation of your relationship
  2. Guidance in establishing an agreeable contract for lasting intimate relationships
  3. Help with bringing healing and happiness into your life.

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